Blanchett injured in stage fight

html,body { border: 0px; }html,body { border: 0px; }Cate Blanchett was left bleeding from the head last night when a fight scene in a preview performance of the Sydney Theatre Company’s flagship production of A Streetcar Named Desire went badly wrong.The Oscar-winning actress was struck with a prop, forcing the abrupt cancellation of the show.Blanchett, who is playing sexual predator Blanche DuBois, was performing a scene with Joel Edgerton, who plays Stanley Kowalski, a part immortalised by Marlon Brando.A witness, who was at last night’s performance at the Sydney Theatre in Walsh Bay, said Edgerton accidentally hit Blanchett in the head with a ’60s-style radio. The impact could be heard in the audience and the actress and STC co-artistic director fell down on all fours. Several people said they could see blood streaming down the back of Blanchett’s head. She went off stage to fetch clothes for Stanley’s wife, Stella (Robin McLeavy), and used some of them to try to staunch the flow of blood.”He [Edgerton] was supposed to throw it [the radio] out the window, but it sort of slipped and hit her in the head �0�9?�0�7 she was so good, she just went straight on,” said the witness who declined to give her name.The show continued for about a minute until Blanchett was required to climb some stairs. At this point she realised she was hurt and left the stage.Edgerton continued to perform and was lying in a bath when a technician appeared on stage and stopped the show.”They just kind of went ‘Joel can you leave the stage please’,” another witness said.The audience were initially told there would be an intermission. But after they had gathered on the footpath outside the Sydney Theatre they were told the performance had been cancelled.Last night a spokesman for the STC said: ”Cate’s fine. I’ve just spoken to her and she’s fine.”She was confident tonight’s show would go on.with Ellie Harvey

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